We have integrity and passion at the heart of all we do.

 If you are looking for PR experts and brand enthusiasts with supreme skills and bags of personality, then you have come to the right place, this is #theluxleyway

Luxley has a trusted reputation for delivering market leading services which cut through and deliver outstanding results, every time.

We provide a strong and attractive offering for clients who reap the benefits of both our PR services and the business opportunities we create through our unique Luxley network.

We are diverse in who we represent, making us exceptionally well connected. We work shoulder to shoulder with those who are the best in their field, pushing boundaries to help spread their work and missions far and wide.

We are really proud of the work we do, and the family of clients we do it for.


Who We Work With

World Champions
Human Performance Coaches
Breathwork Leaders
Spiritual Mindset Experts
Ground-breaking Entrepreneurs
Lifestyle Brands
Fitness & Wellness Products 
Market leading Gyms & PTs
Content Creators
Film & Documentary Creators
Education Leaders

The services we offer include:


Expert led, we build and deliver stand out communication strategies which deliver outstanding results.

Influencer Marketing

We create authentic and credible influencer relations and engagement.

Profile Management

Careful and intelligent – helping clients to shine, in the right places, at the right time.



From brand partnerships to retail introductions we build prosperous relationships to help drive business success.


Inspired and strategic to help clients reach and engage with their target audience in the most effective way possible.


Maximising brand exposure – from small intimate events and product launches to large VIP events and charity galas.


Founded in 2013 by Katie Marshall, she brings nearly two decades of passion and expertise to the table. The team at Luxley is exceptional. Each ‘Luxer’ brings something unique, there are no clones and we all fit together to offer something special. Although we aren’t ones to brag… people do tend to love us, so it works well.
Over the years, Luxley has evolved to become a leading consultancy for the fitness and wellness industry. But we don’t stick to one thing and also work with a carefully selected group of brands across the luxury and lifestyle market and we will never give up our unwavering passion for supporting charities and education providers.

The Luxley Way of “If you are not good for us, then we won’t be good for you” allows us to carefully select those we really want to work for and with.

Luxley is deeply committed to working only with those who we truly believe in, who make us happy and honoured to work beside. At Luxley together is better, because we are a family with a long-term vision to grow together, create success together and celebrate that success.

Today, we are dedicated to using our services to help enhance the wellbeing of others. All of our clients share the same purpose of providing a product or service which can transform people’s lives.


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